You can make the daily Inspire message a part of your web site.  You can use a simple LINK method or a more sophisticated BUTTON method to display the Inspire daily message.

The LINK method is the easiest.  You simply create a link to our message page.  This link will load a page which displays our daily Inspire message.


LINK Method: Simply create a link to

To see what the LINK method looks like, click the link below:


The BUTTON method is a little more complex, but has two additional advantages.  First, the window that pops up is a small window which makes it look more like a feature of your site.  Secondly, the Inspire message is called with a BUTTON which can have a personalized label on it.  For example, the button could say "Click for Jim's Message of the Day".


BUTTON Method: Copy the code in the box below into the BODY of your HTML document at the point you want the Inspire BUTTON to appear:
HINT 1: This goes main area of your page after <body> and before </body>
HINT 2: You can personalize the text on the button my changing the button name  in the code below from Today's Inspire Message to something like Bill's Daily Quote.


To see what the BUTTON method looks like, click the button below: