Inspire was born in early March of 1996. 

It's creator, Michael S. Bledsoe, had the idea that the Internet offered an opportunity to "put some good out into the world" at a very low cost.

Michael had a interest in personal growth, and a keen respect for the power of the mind and its ability to influence what happens to a person in the present and the future.

He started sending some of his favorite quotations to friends on his personal email address book.  Soon, he began to receive requests to be "put on the list" from people he did not even know.

Since this small beginning, Inspire has grown through word of mouth to over 30,000 subscribers.

A couple years ago, Inspire began to carry ads at the bottom of the message.  While the ad revenue was not much to "write home about", it did begin to help cover the cost of sending out the approximately 1 million messages per month that now go out from Inspire.

Now, Michael's son Beau has joined the effort to bring Inspire to more and more people, and Inspire is taking on the trappings of a very small business.  Soon, Inspire will begin to be listed on search engines.  A new web site has been created, and located on a server at